More Vastu Tips

More Vastu Tips:-

  1. A water source in South-East is a major defect. Flaws in South-East can result in theft, debt, disgrace and loss of friends. If the South-East is lower than South-West it augurs well. But if South-East is lower than North-East and North-West it can cause fire, accidents, criminal bent of mind. If it is higher than North-East and North-West it attracts riches.
  2. A depression in the South can lead to disease and financial constraints. If the land is raised in the South it brings prosperity and health.
  3. Defects in the South-West are far reaching in their consequences. It is very difficult to employ remedial measures in the South-West. An elevated South-West ensures prosperity and fame. A depressed South-West can lead to premature death of the owner.
  4. Vastu defects in the West can result in problems relating to all types of partnerships, business partnerships, misunderstanding with the spouse and friends, litigations etc.
  5. The North-West is ideal for garages, guestrooms, store for finished goods etc. All things which have to be moved soon.
  6. Since Mercury represents communications, the drawing room should be in the North and should be well lit. A dark drawing room represents immoral affairs and income through undesirable means.
  7. It is always desirable to have a depressed North as it allows wealth to flow in. The more open the area, the more enriched is the family. All cash and jewellery should always be facing North.
  8. It is mandatory to keep the North-East at  the lowest level. If the North-East is elevated or has a toilet, it leads to miseries and failures in life and keeps prosperity away.