Vastu For Shermukhi Plot

Vastu For Shermukhi Plot

  • Plots which are broad in front and narrow at the rear are called Shermukhi.
  • They are auspicious only if North-East is extended and road is on East or North.

Vastu For Shermukhi Plot

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PrathibhaPosted on  9:42 am - Sep 10, 2018

My site is extendening gradually towards west and all the other corners are straight can we extend the house like that only plz Reply me

RAKESH M MANKODIYAPosted on  4:16 pm - Sep 15, 2018

My residential plot is shermukhi. Entrance in north. What is the remedies for that

Mandeep singhPosted on  6:00 pm - Jan 5, 2019

Hi my house plot is shermukhi. I need to know how to rectify it.

Aessm shrivastavaPosted on  4:48 am - Mar 23, 2019

my plote is south facing back portions is 28.5feets wide front is 29.5feets that is south length of the plote is 59 feets please provide solution for construction. south east corner is large

AMIT JANGHUPosted on  3:58 pm - Sep 8, 2019

Dear sir,
i am living in a bad shermukhi plot, is there any solution for this

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