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  1. The most preferred area for staircase is South, West and South –West.
  2. The North-East and Brahmsthan of a building are strictly prohibited for the location of a staircase. A staircase in the North-East results in loss of wealth and health.
    Vastu Tips for Staircase
  3. Due to paucity of space, the South-East or North-West is acceptable however, the staircase should rise only from East to West or from North to South. Not vice-versa
  4. The staircase should run clockwise only.
  5. The number of steps should always be an odd number and definitely not end in a zero.
  6. Circular staircases are considered inauspicious because circles represent death in Indian mythology. For the same reason, a staircase should not encircle the whole building.
  7. There should not be a common staircase for going upstairs and to the basement.
  8. The uppermost staircase should have a roof.
  9. The uppermost landing door should be 9-12 inches shorter in length to the lowest landing door.
  10. The space below the stairs should not be used for anything else except storage.
  11. The staircase should not originate from the kitchen, puja room or strong room.
  12. The staircase should be maintained in a good condition at all times. Any repairs should be done immediately.
  13. The staircase should not be seen from the main entrance of the house and should also not be directly opposite the main entrance. Such a staircase disturbs the harmony and equilibrium of the house.

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