Vastu For Main Door

Vastu For Main Door / Vastu Tips For Main Door Entrance/ Vastu Shastra for Main Door

Peace, prosperity and happiness depends on the proper placement of the front door. If the main door is in the wrong place it becomes the harbinger of miseries.
Vastu Tips for Main Door/Entrance

  1. Doors should be placed in auspicious grid positions according to the Vastu Chakra rather than following the Rashi or constellation of the owner since the structure will remain after the owner’s death. The main door should be fixed in an auspicious Muhurtha.
  2. There should not be any obstacle or ‘Dvar-Vedh’ in front of the main door like an electric pole, a tree wall or a temple or a road coming straight at the main door. This is to be avoided at any cost.
  3. Whenever entrance doors are required in two directions, one of the two must be placed in the North or East. If there is a requirement of three doors then two should be in the North and East and the third in the West or South.
  4. The main door should never be in the middle of the facade of the house and should not be in an extended or cut portion of the house.
  5. The main entrance door of two houses opposite each other should not be exactly opposite each other.
  6. The main door should be larger than all the other doors of the house. It should open inwards and to the left. The back door should not be opposite the main door.
  7. The main door should be used everyday. Some people use side doors or back doors for convenience. This is not a good practice because auspicious energy does not get a chance to enter the house.

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