The Importance of North-South Axis

The Importance of North-South Axis

A North-South length gives a dynamic active quality to the space inside the structure.

North and East are source directions for energy and the South and West are the sink points of energy.

The North to South electromagnetic flux is known as organic flow or “JaivikUrja”. It is unidirectional and controls the biochemical alignments of all living cell structures.

Thus if the North-South length is more there is free flow of organic energy for a longer duration.

The East zone is the source of “PranicUrja “which has a multidirectional flux.

A greater North-South length also has the capacity to absorb deficiencies in other directions.

Vastu maintains that all activities follow an ordered and disciplined pattern if the North-South axis is greater than the East -West axis.

Most importantly, the perimeter subjected to solar radiation is minimized and results in a cool and healthy environment as can be seen by the following diagrams.


Vastu Tips for North-South Length

Vastu Tips for East-West Length

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