About Us

The Vastu Practice has their office in Nizamuddin East in South Delhi, with a branch in UK. Our services are available all over India.
The Vastu Practice is a global leader in providing accurate Vastu solutions for homes, offices, industries, shops and shopping malls, educational institutions, hospitals, clinics etc,

We at Vastu Practice, believe that Vastu teaches the perfect way to live in synergy with nature in order to attain good health, happiness and prosperity.
We proffer advice on all details which go into construction of any building, in Delhi or anywhere in India, an office or a residence, from determining the muhurat for Bhumi Pujan, and commencement of construction, till the completion of construction.

We provide advice on planning of rooms, colour schemes, placement of furniture etc.

The Vastu Practice is very understanding of each individual client’s problems and gives 100% attention to detail.
The Vastu Practice guarantees complete confidentiality

Geeta Subramanium is a distinguished senior Vastu consultant who owns The Vastu Practice and has been giving Vastu advice for the last 15 years in Delhi and all over India.

She has a very deep insight into the science of Vastu Shastra, and is acclaimed in Delhi and all over India for accurate Vastu guidance and Vastu remedies without demolition

Geeta remains dedicated to each client until the completion of the project and is always available to them on the phone for the smallest of queries.

In spite of all the adulation Geeta receives, both in India and abroad, she is full of humility and is warm,
friendly and approachable.

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