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About Geeta Subramanium

Geeta Subramanium is a historian by training. During the course of her studies and research she discovered the ancient Indian science of Vastu. It is an invaluable treasure given to us by our venerable sages. They made a deep study of the different aspects of nature and discovered a clear link between the perfect order in nature and in human life and activity.

Vastu teaches us the perfect way to live in synergy with nature. It goes into all details from determining the time for the worship of the land (bhumipooja) and commencement of construction till the completion of construction.

Geeta Subramanium is a member of Panchtatwa-The Law of Creation, a registered society devoted to research, re-search and intensive study in the field of Vastu, Astrology and other Vedic subjects led by Shri  Manoj Juyal, the esteemed Patron of this society. Geeta dedicates this website to Panchtatwa and to her revered teacher Shri Manoj Juyal.

Geeta Subramanium considers herself privileged to have advised several people about Vastu problems and to have brought happiness and harmony into their lives.

Let Vastu redefine our lives and give us health, happiness and prosperity.